Construction Litigation Animations

Demonstratives engineers can produce animations which accurately illustrate the dangers, costs, and delays associated with flawed designs, faulty processes, and manufacturing defects. No construction litigation, mediation or arbitration is too big for Demonstratives.  Our experts and animators have created construction litigation animations for many large construction cases.  We have developed construction litigation animations for the bridge construction delays in the Big Dig in the Boston area, the revisions to the design of the Clark County Justice Center in Las Vegas.  We also have created animations for disputes over fire-safing procedures, light rail system survey errors and unsafe designs.  We have developed construction litigation animations for a variety of smaller disputes that used animations to help resolve matters in mediation.

Image of Slope Failure Crushes Sewer Pipe
August 10, 2016
A visualization shows how unbalanced fill operations by a contractor cause the slope being constructed to fail and crush a sewer pipe, not sewer maintenance activities. If you need compelling data visualizations or graphics based on in-depth data analysis, our team is ready to help you.
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