We are the industry leader in applying sound, scientific principles to every litigation project with flash animation and other tools. We handle a wide variety of case areas including aviation, biotechnology, construction, engineering, environmental law, ground vehicle, intellectual property, medical devices, and product liability. The best way to see our level of expertise is to view our work. Our team can create the most compelling and technically accurate images in the industry. Click the thumbnails below to view the sample 3D animations in that category.

Image of Demonstrative Evidence: Forklift Mishap
November 3, 2011
Based on scene photos, schematics, and the expert's report, Demonstratives created a detailed warehouse scene and visualized the events leading up to a forklift accident. Complex character motion showed the movements of the driver as he swung free of the forklift while steering. Slow-motion versions allowed for a detailed examination...
Image of Legal Presentation: Electrocution Personal Injury Animation
December 22, 2011
Demonstratives created an animation for Birmingham Electrocution. The animation was in regards to a personal injury accident. Contact us today with questions or concerns regarding this demonstration or your individual case.
Image of Accident Reconstructionist: Explorer/Tractor Collision
November 3, 2011
This animation depicts occupant motion for a driver and rear seat passenger of a Ford Explorer. The car crossed the double yellow line at high speed and collided with a large articulated 4WD agricultural tractor. The animation includes a variety of viewpoints and camera angles. Contact us today for your...
Image of Accident Reconstruction Specialists: Tractor Collision
November 3, 2011
Demonstratives was hired to animate a ground vehicle accident reconstructionist's theory about a collision between a Ford Escort and a piece of large farm equipment. The animations were created in support of the defendant who was operating the John Deere Tractor. Demonstratives also developed graphics to point out inaccuracies in...
Image of Accident Reconstructionist: Head On Collision Legal Animation
March 19, 2012
The proper truck handling procedure for minimizing the damage in an imminent head-on collision is illustrated in the first portion of this animation. The last sequence shows what should not be done when faced with an impact. Contact us today with questions or for a specific case.
Image of Accident Reconstructionist: Princess Di Paris Crash
August 21, 2012
This litigation presentation depicts a Demonstratives expert's reconstruction of the tragic Princess Diana accident. This accident in the Pont de l'Alma road tunnel in Paris is used to speculation on what really happened. Contact us today with questions or for a specific case.
Image of Biotech Patent Attorney: DNA Language Analogy
November 3, 2011
Patent claims involving the genetic code are complicated because it is foreign to judges and jurors. This animation was used in a tutorial presentation to explain the basics of the genetic code and to set up the idea of codon degeneracy. Both were critical in understanding the structure of the...
Image of Biotech Patent Attorney: Antibody Demo
November 3, 2011
This animation illustrates the components of human immunoglobin (IgG), created from a Protein Databank file that is publicly available. Demonstratives' ability to work with this file type was very efficient because it eliminated much of the modeling effort. This allowed the expert to testify with familiar scientific data that was...
Image of Biotechnology Patent: DNA Microarrays
November 3, 2011
Demonstratives' graphics illustrating DNA microarray technology helped Affymetrix's attorneys show that Illumina infringed several Affymetrix patents. The verdict ultimately led to a $90 million settlement for Affymetrix. Contact us today with questions or concerns regarding this demonstration or your individual case.
Image of Intellectual Property Law: GPS Tutorial
November 3, 2011
Demonstratives created comprehensive tutorials, including audio voice-over, for five separate patents, as well as several technology tutorials concerning the Global Positioning System and how it operates. The judge commented that he found the animations extremely helpful to understanding the issues for claim construction. The case was ultimately settled. Contact us...
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