Construction Litigation Animations

Demonstratives engineers can produce animations which accurately illustrate the dangers, costs, and delays associated with flawed designs, faulty processes, and manufacturing defects. No construction litigation, mediation or arbitration is too big for Demonstratives.  Our experts and animators have created construction litigation animations for many large construction cases.  We have developed construction litigation animations for the bridge construction delays in the Big Dig in the Boston area, the revisions to the design of the Clark County Justice Center in Las Vegas.  We also have created animations for disputes over fire-safing procedures, light rail system survey errors and unsafe designs.  We have developed construction litigation animations for a variety of smaller disputes that used animations to help resolve matters in mediation.

Image of Clean Coal Plant Boiler Operation - ABA Conference
March 15, 2013
Demonstratives created a court animation to help an expert teach the jury about the operation of a clean coal plant. This animation was also part of an ABA presentation.
Image of Construction Litigation: Bridge Construction
November 3, 2011
Demonstratives created animations to explain how site conditions affected the foundation construction process for a new bridge, resulting in increased costs. The animation assisted the legal team at Watt Tieder in obtaining a favorable settlement for the contractor and the bonded surety.
Image of Construction Animation: Light Rail Design Defects
August 22, 2012
This courtroom animation illustrates the impact of design defects on the construction phase of a municipal light rail project. Demonstratives was able to successfully demonstrate the legal presentation in 3D.
Image of Construction Animation: Fire Damper Change Order
August 21, 2012
This legal animation illustrates the impact of a change order on the construction of a large building.
Image of Construction Animation: Utility Chase Design Defects
August 21, 2012
Utility chase design defects are illustrated in this 3D animation of a large building construction site. The defects were presented through court animation as a legal exhibit.
Image of Construction Animation: Reservoir Slope Failure
August 21, 2012
This construction legal animation illustrates how a slope failure occurred in a reservoir. Demonstratives was able to convey the failure using litigation animation.
Image of Agriculture Litigation: Grain Bin Collapse
August 21, 2012
This legal animation presents the improper operation of a large grain storage bin results in structural failure of the bin, and was used for a courtroom presentation.
Image of Construction Litigation: Falling Hazard Scenario
November 3, 2011
Demonstratives was able to demonstrate that a railing that was not built according to specifications by the contractor caused upper floor balconies to be unsafe for children in the owner's building.
Image of Construction Litigation: Dubai Fly Over Courtroom Animation
March 19, 2012
A courtroom animation for construction which showcases a fly over Dubai.