January 9, 2023

Dr. Jennifer Nara joins our Seattle, WA office as ESi’s first-ever Forensic Pathologist. For anyone not familiar with Pathology, it’s the study of the causes and effects of disease or injury that incorporates a wide variety of biology and research fields and medical practices. Jennifer brings over 16 years of experience in her field working mostly within the local government center and has covered many high-profile cases throughout her career including a murder case of a family on vacation and a particularly unusual case involving dismemberment both located within Florida in 2019. She has testified in court on those cases and numerous others and appeared for an interview on the A&E T.V. show “Taking the Stand.”

At ESi, Jennifer hopes to be able to provide her skills and expertise on a variety of projects, but she has a particularly strong interest in autopsies, and cases involving personal injury, wrongful deaths, firearms and tests, and child abuse. She takes pride in “helping families out by finding truths” and it’s that desire to help people that lead her to pathology in the first place.