Accident Reconstruction Animations

Ground vehicle accident animation is where it all began for us. Much of Demonstratives' staff, then the litigation support group of Engineering Animation, Inc. (EAI), created 3D animations using sophisticated ground vehicle motion simulation data with tools EAI was developing in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. These data visualization and collection tools were applied to 3D animations depicting vehicle rollovers after tire failures, complex trucking accidents and most famously, the reconstruction of the accident that took Princess Diana’s life in a tunnel in Paris, France.  

Today, Demonstratives can create an accident reconstruction 3D animation for a wide range of accident scenarios.  The vehicle accident reconstruction animation works to support the ground vehicle accident construction reconstructionist. Demonstratives expertise contributes to ground vehicle accident cases in the areas of vehicle motion, occupant motion, limited visibility and injury depiction.

Image of Train-Truck Rail Accident Re-Creation
January 9, 2023
This detailed visualization re-creates the derailment of a train following a collision with a truck parked along the rail line. ESi's Demonstratives team of expert accident recreationists used a combination of high-resolution laser scans, drone photography, and forensic analysis of the wreckage to collect the necessary data to generate this...
Image of Train-Pedestrian Scene Animation
January 9, 2023
This animation details the scene of a train-pedestrian incident. Using high-resolution drone photography and computer-generated animation technology, ESi's Demonstratives team was able to re-create the scene of the incident right before it occurred. Situational re-creations such as this are incredibly helpful in resolving disputes between parties during litigation. The skilled...
Image of ESi Consultants Test Motorcycle Helmet Chinstrap
January 9, 2023
During a case involving a fatal motorcycle accident, the opposing expert claimed the chinstrap on the motorcycle helmet allegedly worn by the decedent was securely fastened, and that the helmet was forced off during the accident. ESi Sr. Staff Consultant Mireille Kelley, Ph.D., and ESi Staff Consultant Christopher Eckersley, Ph.D....
Image of Commercial Vehicle Data Visualization Animations
June 22, 2022
Our multidisciplinary approach to accident investigation brings together experts from a broad range of backgrounds, including accident investigators, biomechanics, engineers, perceptual psychologists, design analysts, and materials failure specialists. This diverse skillset allows us to meet almost any challenge in the commercial vehicle space, and our extensive in-house experience enables us...
Image of National Association of Railroad Trial Counsel Video
June 6, 2022
A Peek at some ESi Expertise in the Rail Industry For over 30 years, ESi engineers, scientists, technicians, and other discipline professionals have offered key expertise to clients across all industries. This video clip provides a brief look at some of these areas within the RAIL industry. ESi has been...
Image of Accident Reconstruction: Explorer/Tractor Collision
November 3, 2011
We are the industry leader in applying sound, scientific principles to every litigation project with flash animation and other tools. We handle a wide variety of case areas including aviation, biotechnology, construction, engineering, environmental law, ground vehicle, intellectual property, medical devices, and product liability. To win, you must tell your...
Image of Accident Reconstruction Specialists: Tractor Collision
November 3, 2011
Demonstratives was hired to animate a ground vehicle accident reconstructionist's theory about a collision between a Ford Escort and a piece of large farm equipment. The animations were created in support of the defendant who was operating the John Deere Tractor. Demonstratives also developed graphics to point out inaccuracies in...
Image of Accident Reconstructionist: Head On Collision Legal Animation
March 19, 2012
The proper truck handling procedure for minimizing the damage in an imminent head-on collision is illustrated in the first portion of this animation. The last sequence shows what should not be done when faced with an impact. We are the industry leader in applying sound, scientific principles to every litigation...
Image of Accident Reconstructionist: Princess Di Paris Crash
August 21, 2012
This data visualization depicts a Demonstratives expert's reconstruction of the tragic Princess Diana accident. Esi created this car accident recreation visualization within the Pont de l'Alma road tunnel in Paris to speculate what really happened. We are the industry leader in applying sound, scientific principles to every litigation project with...
Image of Articulated Dump Truck Overturns
August 12, 2016
Examining the cause of a Semi overturn- A center of gravity analysis and an in-depth investigation reveals how Operator error causes an articulated dump truck trailer to overturn and crush the semi-tractor cab and not a malfunction of the trailer. ESi's team of expert engineers and animators can help you...
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