Patent Infringement Tutorials & Animations

Demonstratives creates 3D animations, 2D animations and still artwork and graphics for use in all stages of patent litigation.  Demonstratives graphics have been used in interference proceedings, Markman (Claim Construction) hearings and at every level of Federal Court including the US Supreme Court.  Demonstratives graphics and animations have also been used in Section 337 investigations at the United States International Trade Commission (USITC).

Image of Intellectual Property Law: GPS Tutorial
November 3, 2011
Demonstratives created comprehensive tutorials, including audio voice-over, for five separate patents, as well as several technology tutorials concerning the Global Positioning System and how it operates. The judge commented that he found the animations extremely helpful to understanding the issues for claim construction. The case was ultimately settled. We are...
Image of Patent Infringement: DRAM Patent
November 3, 2011
Demonstratives experts modeled and animated a DRAM chip from patent drawings and other information from a patent specification to support an expert's testimony. DI's client was found not to infringe the plaintiff's patents. In addition, the asserted patents were invalidated. We are the industry leader in applying sound, scientific principles...
Image of Intellectual Property: Voice Over The Internet (VoIP) Animated Tutorial
November 3, 2011
Jurors said that Demonstratives' animated VoIP tutorial made Sprint's claims regarding Vonage's voice over Internet service easy to understand. The case subsequently settled in Sprint's favor for $80 million. We are the industry leader in applying sound, scientific principles to every litigation project with flash animation and other tools. The...
Image of Patent Infringement: Uniloc Software License Security Technology
November 4, 2011
Demonstratives created animations to illustrate the authorization process used by Microsoft to prevent unlicensed use of its software products. Uniloc, which had patented the technology in 1992, used the animation to show how Microsoft infringed it's patent. The jury agreed, finding that Microsoft had willfully infringed Uniloc's patent and awarding...
Image of Providing 911 Emergency Services Using Cellular GPS Location Information
August 15, 2016
A patent tutorial that describes a system that provides the nearest emergency services possible to a cellular phone customer using the location provided by the GPS in the customer's telephone. If you have a patent for your invention and need animations to help you market your idea, you can count...