Data Visualization Tools

ESi's Visualization Technologists provide carefully considered solutions to your data collection needs with the latest in cutting-edge technology. When it comes to data collection, our Visualization Technologists provide multiple services including several types of data collection. ESi offers 3D Laser Scanning, CT Scanning, Unmanned Aerial Systems, and Photography and Videography services.

Once ESi has helped you accurately gather important data, it is important to extract its value. We understand that this process must be done in a way that scales with the needs of your case to best help you in litigation We offer a variety of data analysis and visualization services to get the most out of your data and mitigate risky assumptions.

Through our practice groups, we provide understandable, explanatory courtroom visuals. ESi's detailed 3D scanning process allows for accurate 3D models and virtual representations of the real world. This produces impactful evidence by bringing new perspectives to critical data. At ESi, our causal research can lead to new findings and shed light on complex cases.

Image of ESi's Biomechanical Capabilities With Madymo
January 9, 2023
At ESi, our consultants in the biomechanical group will often utilize MADYMO, a physics-based software suite for analyzing the motions and forces experienced by crash test dummies, in order to simulate the injury risks that an individual would sustain from these types of events. In this particular example, Amber Stern,...
Image of Side by Side Comparison: 90s Animation vs 2022 Animation
January 9, 2023
Our team includes 3D animation pioneers who were instrumental in the field’s development in the early 1990s. When 3D technology was a breakthrough for the legal community, we were at the forefront. Since then, we have continually innovated through the use of new technology, tools, and expertise. The first animation...
Image of Concierge Office Ergonomics Bumper
June 17, 2022
Using ergonomic office equipment that best fits your working style can help prevent injury and aid recovery. No two people are alike, and it’s important to account for personal differences in anthropometry, vision, physical condition, and personal preference. ESi understands that there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach and works with individuals...
Image of ESi Live - Remote Inspections
June 6, 2022
At ESi, inspections are at the heart of helping clients understand what happened and why, but there are times when face-to-face engagement isn’t practical, possible, or safe. That’s why we developed ESi Live. This combined technology and teamwork provides clients with the ability to participate in live inspections and post-inspection...
Image of Human Performance Lab
June 6, 2022
Human performance data encompasses biomechanical and/or human factors analyses and can provide insight into injury mechanisms, the role of the product/machine being used, and environmental factors. This data gives ESi's visualization experts a tool for reconstructing human movements within the context of other reliable data sources. In recent years the...
Image of Historic Automatic Rifling Machine Animation
June 8, 2012
We are the industry leader in applying sound, scientific principles to every litigation project with flash legal animation and other tools. We handle a wide variety of case areas including aviation, biotechnology, construction, engineering, environmental law, ground vehicle, intellectual property, medical devices, and product liability. To win, you must tell...