Biotechnology: Patent Tutorials & Animations

Biotechnology litigation is nearly always patent litigation. However, it is such a specialized field that it merits special attention and a specialized staff.  Demonstratives staff includes a Ph.D. trained in molecular, cellular and developmental biology who worked as a biotechnologist as a postdoctoral fellow in the 1990s. We understand what a person skilled in the art understands because in biotech cases we have one. Effective biotech patent litigation support benefits from having an expert on the graphics team. We can help bridge the gap between the legal team and the judge and jury by creating biotechnology and technical medical animations. Our visuals can help your expert connect with jurors struggling to understand a complex case.  Our graphics can help you connect legal and technical concepts for the judge in the always critical Markman hearing.  We also provide value early in the litigation process when the legal team is analyzing the accused technology. 

Image of Biotech Patent Attorney: DNA Language Analogy
November 3, 2011
Patent claims involving the genetic code are complicated because it is foreign to judges and jurors. This animation was used in a tutorial presentation to explain the basics of the genetic code and to set up the idea of codon degeneracy. Both were critical in understanding the structure of the...
Image of Biotech Patent Attorney: Antibody Demo
November 3, 2011
This 3D animation illustrates the components of human immunoglobin (IgG), created from a Protein Databank file that is publicly available. Demonstratives' ability to work with this file type was very efficient because it eliminated much of the modeling effort. Demonstratives' data collection and visualization services allowed the expert to testify...
Image of Biotechnology Patent: DNA Microarrays
November 3, 2011
Demonstratives' graphics illustrating DNA microarray technology helped Affymetrix's attorneys show that Illumina infringed several Affymetrix patents. The verdict ultimately led to a $90 million settlement for Affymetrix. We are the industry leader in applying sound, scientific principles to every litigation project with flash animation and other tools. The best way...