Virtual Reality: The Next Frontier of Litigation Visualization

Although virtual reality is new to the legal community, the ESi team draws from decades of experience with this powerfully immersive technology. We were there when 3D animation was cutting-edge litigation technology, and our team produced 3D animations that were admitted as evidence, following one case to the U.S. Supreme Court (KSR v. Teleflex). VR is simply another way to view the same data that supports 3D animations, and we believe virtual reality is poised to revolutionize the way facts are demonstrated to legal stakeholders. Moving around in a 1:1 scale virtual environment, shaped by your data – and interacting with that data collected at the scene of an event that’s now frozen in time – is impactful and informative. We are pioneering new ways to use virtual reality to deliver important insights to your team as it prepares for litigation.