Virtual Reality: The Next Frontier of Litigation Visualization

ESi’s data visualization team draws from decades of experience with this powerfully immersive technology. When 3D animation was introduced as cutting-edge litigation technology, our courtroom animations were admitted in the U.S. Supreme Court case, KSR v. Teleflex, paving a path for 3D animations to be used as pivotal evidence in high-stakes litigation. Virtual reality (VR) is an extension of this compelling data visualization tool.

We believe virtual reality is poised to revolutionize the way facts are demonstrated to legal stakeholders. Success in the courtroom often depends on the ability to simplify complex evidence. A winning case must tell a story clearly and in a way that's understandable and memorable. Moving around in a 1:1 scale virtual environment, precisely shaped by your data, is both impactful and informative. It brings data collection and data analysis to life in the form of immersive courtroom visuals which have the power to deliver real insight and understanding to stakeholders in a litigation setting. 

Listen to Chuck Fox's Discussion about Legal & Litigation Applications of VR on the Technically Legal Podcast

Multi-User VR Experiences

In the following video, Charles Fox, Director of Technical Services at ESi, demonstrates the power of remote inspections and virtual reality in a multi-user experience space.

ESi’s visualization team is continually pioneering new ways to use virtual reality. We combine innovation, technology, and expertise to deliver important insights to your legal team as it prepares for litigation.

Example of Virtual Reality Services

The example above provides a glimpse into how ESi uses virtual reality to create immersive problem-solving solutions. In the video, In a consultant explores a 3D rendering of a building using a VR headset. To recreate the scene of the accident as accurately as possible, the building was designed using data gathered with a 3D laser scanner. For more virtual reality recreations, trial graphics, and animations, visit the Demonstratives Production Gallery.

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