The Power of Expert 3D Animation in Litigation 

Our team includes 3D animation pioneers who were instrumental in the field’s development in the early 1990s. When 3D technology was a breakthrough for the legal community, we were at the forefront. Because we use it as a data-driven teaching tool, 3D animation remains at the center of our visualization process. It’s the data visualization hub that connects collected data to understandable visuals.

We use a wide variety of data collection tools from FARO 3D and Computed Tomography (CT) scanning to virtual inspections and more. For example, data collected from our laser scanners can be combined with data from an extraordinary array of other sources to produce accurate, dynamic depictions of events. Our clients benefit from ESi’s vast pool of resources, including advanced data collection and visualization technology. Our processes are backed by an elite multidisciplinary team of scientists, engineers, and technical staff. Our methods can unify your legal team's understanding of the facts in a complex case with compelling courtroom visuals. Ultimately, we can help jurors and judges clearly understand the facts behind the arguments that are critical to your client's success.

ESi is often engaged early to explore scientific facts long before a trial begins. In many cases, legal animations and visualizations can result in opposing counsel quickly realizing their weakened position. Our early looks at data lead to visualizations that clearly communicate their client’s liability.

Legal teams can feature 3D animations in a trial, typically when aiding an expert witness’ testimony. The trial animations are displayed using presentation tools such as Trial Director and Sanction. These dynamic trial graphics can even be used in conjunction with virtual reality to further demonstrate evidence.

Why 3D Animation?

3D Animations tell the story of the data in a unique, impactful, and understandable way. Other benefits of 3D Animation include:

  • Delivery of the final legal animations in a variety of easy-to-use formats (such as PowerPoints) depending on client needs.

  • Convincingly communicate your winning theory in the courtroom, in arbitration, or in mediation.

  • Forensic animations can clearly communicate the results of causal research

  • A 3D animation is often the best way to visualize data efficiently and effectively for a factfinder, where precision accuracy and deep understanding of a complex scenario is paramount.

Our evidence-based practice combined with persuasive animations, 3D models, and more add indisputable value to any case. From product liability to human factors to accident reconstruction, trust ESi with all your visualization needs.

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