Visualizing Data Creates Compelling Evidence

Once ESi has helped you accurately gather important data, it is important to extract its value. We understand that this process must be done in a way that scales with the needs of your case to best help you in litigation. We offer a variety of data analysis and visualization services to get the most out of your data and mitigate risky assumptions.

Data visualization makes it easy for all of the stakeholders involved in a dispute to understand critical concepts by creating compelling graphics that underscore scientifically backed insights with clarity. When engaged early in cases, we work in close alignment with our clients, following a path that makes sense for their case, layering in the right visual elements at the right time. 

ESi's detailed 3D scanning process allows for accurate 3D models and virtual representations of the real world in a virtual environment. This produces impactful evidence by bringing new perspectives to critical data.

Strong Tools Lead to Strong Cases

Our technically accurate visualization tools and our multidisciplinary team of scientists, engineers, and technologists are often engaged early to explore scientific facts long before a trial ever even begins. In many cases, opposing counsel quickly understands their weakened position when our early looks at data lead to visualizations that communicate their client’s liability.

The Best Visualization Options For Your Case

From static imagery of 3D laser scans to hybrid imagery, data fly-through movies, and virtual reality, ESi provides you with an array of sophisticated data visualization choices and our technologists will help you choose the best options for your case. Working closely with your team, we determine the best path forward to communicate to key stakeholders what the data reveals – from members of your legal team all the way through to jurors.

Data-Driven Decisions

Science should impact and inform your choices, from inception through meditation or trial. While engineers and scientists understand specific aspects of your case in excruciating detail, lawyers bring an in-depth view of the law. Data visualization examples bridge the gap between these two areas of expertise and provide a solid foundation from which to build your case. In our experience, the most successful outcomes occur when the technical expert’s opinions, legal arguments, and data analysis are supported by factual data illustration. Because data visualizations teach universally, they become the basis for broadly informed decisions. 

One example of the importance of data visualization is the way it can be used for accident reconstruction. Using visual data in a courtroom presentation can shine a light on how an accident happened, especially when there are multiple moving parts or the details of the incident require highly technical terminology. Partnering with a data visualization consultant can make complex puzzles of information easier to understand and communicate with others. Our team has diverse and extensive experience using data visualization tools, and is trained in visual data analytics and trace evidence analysis. 

For more information regarding our Data Visualization services, please contact one of the following Expert Consultants: 

Dan Kruger

Lance Rewerts