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Remote Live Inspections & Post-inspection Analysis Sessions

Inspections are at the heart of helping clients understand what happened and why, but there are times when face-to-face engagement isn’t practical, possible, or safe.

At ESi, we thrive at the forefront of emerging data collection science and technology. We’re combining technology and teamwork to provide clients with the ability to participate in live inspections and post-inspection analysis sessions remotely.

Combining Technology and Teamwork

ESi LIVE provides a combination of technology and teamwork that provides users secure, remote access to live inspections and post-inspection analysis. From inspections Live in the field to the ESi Labs, ESi Live supports rich, remote participation in the inspection process.

Now you can attend a full inspection right from your laptop anywhere in the world. ESi LIVE leverages technology that engages those who can't physically be on-site but still would like to participate in the inspection process with live video, visual access instruments like stereo microscopes, and scanning electron microscopes, all with two-way communication.

ESi LIVE users are active participants, not just viewers.

By hosting as many online participants as you need, ESi LIVE adds value to the inspection process- saving significantly on travel expenses and travel time for those who attend remotely. Once the on-site inspection is complete, post-inspection data analysis sessions can also be attended remotely. This enables efficient collaboration while minimizing the need to be physically present at a post-inspection event.

With ESi LIVE, we can put local technologists and engineers on the ground and connect them with key stakeholders and other subject matter experts to help guide their onsite response. Whether an inspection is in the field, a lab, or one of our well-equipped inspection rooms, we’re using live streaming and advanced communication and visualization tools to enable effective collaboration in real-time, while minimizing the need to be physically present.

The Benefits of Live Remote Inspections

Thanks to our new, industry-leading remote inspection process, ESi LIVE's Remote Access provides the following benefits:

  1. Safety can be easily maintained

  2. Recordings can be viewed asynchronously, on-demand

  3. Go LIVE to the Lab- Remote participants view live feeds through a secure web share portal allowing seamless communication from remote parties for interaction during, and with, the inspection process

  4. A Collaborative VR Experience- ESi hosted VR Lab connects users to a fully interactive virtual environment

  5. Remote Access to Field Inspections provides viewing of inaccessible areas through the use of ESi's state-of-the-art live streaming drones

  6. Join an inspection from anywhere in the world, remotely: the ESi LIVE difference!

  7. The entire experience can be recorded for future reference

As communities and companies focus on protecting and empowering their people, we’re ensuring that clients have more access than they've ever had to critical inspection capabilities -- equipping them with the ability to connect virtually, when and where it’s needed, so they can stay informed and engaged.

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