Solid Answers to Challenging Problems are Supported by Sound Data.

ESi's Visualization Technologists provide carefully considered solutions to your data collection needs with the latest in cutting-edge technology. By engaging ESi Visualization early, our clients benefit from precision data collection and the critical insights they reveal. As these insights often inform potential outcomes, quality data collection and preservation should be among the early priorities of any legal team.

When it comes to data collection, our Visualization Technologists provide multiple services including several types of data collection. ESi offers 3D Laser Scanning, CT Scanning, Unmanned Aerial Systems, and Photography and Videography services.

3D Laser Scanning

3D Laser Scanning services allow for highly-detailed full-color point clouds that can be rendered as pictures, or employed to create animations and physical models.

This data collection method yields highly usable, high-quality data quickly. Dimensions, elevations, topologies, and coordinates can all be displayed from a variety of perspectives, allowing you to fully document and preserve a scene or compare the dimensions of an as-build part to its CAD in an informative, non-destructive manner. You can even revisit a scene or explore a damaged part in virtual reality using our VR systems.

For more information about our 3D Laser Scanning & 3D Modeling services, please contact Expert Consultant:

Brian Thibault

Computed Tomography (CT) Scanning

CT Scanning services are non-destructive and provide high-resolution 3D images of an object and its internal structures. 

ESi’s state-of-the-art Computed Tomography (CT) services can be an invaluable tool in the forensic analysis of failed components. CT imaging is one of the best non-destructive data collection methods, providing high-resolution 3D images of an object and its internal structures. Following proper data collection procedures, images can be viewed from any angle, manipulated, and graphically deconstructed, and reconstructed, layer by layer.

For more information regarding CT Scanning for forensic analysis, please contact: 

Chuck Fox

Unmanned Aerial Systems

Unmanned Aerial Systems services show a perspective that is otherwise difficult and expensive to achieve. Sweeping video captured by unmanned aircraft systems (also known as “drones”) is compelling and informative. Using drones as a data collection tool requires thorough training and precision. However, did you know that the photos from drones can be used to create 3D models?

At ESi, drone images are used to create detailed terrain geometry and can be combined with data from our 3D laser scanners to create large 3D scenes with a high degree of detail. 

For more information regarding our Unmanned Aerial Systems services, please contact Expert Consultant:

Steven Smith

Photography and Videography Services

Photography and Videography services are used to reinforce the credibility of 3D animated materials used to resolve disputes. As part of ESi’s advanced data collection and analysis, our team also captures high-resolution photography and videography content to augment other important data.

Frequently, high-quality photographs and videos are used to reinforce the credibility of 3D animated materials used to resolve disputes.

For more information regarding our Photography and Videography services, please contact Expert Consultant: 

Chuck Fox

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