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We create 3D animations, PowerPoint presentations, and interactive tutorials for use in litigation.  In cases where 3D data is crucial (aviation accident reconstruction or ground vehicle accident simulation) legal teams frequently go into the courtroom with our movies incorporated into trial presentation tools.  More recently, cases demand presentations that are a hybrid of different types of graphics.  For example, we create PowerPoint presentation for many legal teams that include the expected 2D graphics, but also include 3D still graphics, and 3D animations that run as embedded movies on PowerPoint slides.

On June 2nd, Engineering Systems Inc. (ESI) completed its acquisition of Demonstratives, Inc. dramatically expanding the services we offer to our clients.  The ESI/Demonstratives team provides world-class engineering and scientific analysis expertise combined with compelling visualization solutions.  Learn more about our investigative and analysis services.

Let us help you create your next court presentation.  If you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask.  Click the get started button, tell us a bit about your case, and one of our Ph.D. experts will be in touch to discuss your matter.


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Success in the courtroom relies upon the ability to simplify complex evidence and clarify legal arguments. Demonstratives applies sound, scientific principles to every litigation project for a growing variety of case areas, including aviation, biotechnology, construction, engineering, environmental law, ground vehicle, intellectual property (IP), medical devices, and product liability. Demonstratives is the preferred provider of 2D graphics and 3D litigation animation nationwide.

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