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legal animation expert

Shawn Loomis, Production Manager

Shawn is a production manager who has worked at Demonstratives since its inception, and previously EAI, as a modeler, animator, and in-house programmer developing applications for the web and internal networks. Prior to working at EAI, he was an architect. Shawn has both a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Iowa State University.

patent animation expert

Rod Brewster, Engineer

Rod began working for EAI (now Demonstratives) as a modeler in 1995, and soon after began animating. He has worked on everything from patent infringement cases to naval war game reenactments for the Discovery Channel. Rod's main emphasis is on accident visualization, although he is also a programmer, writing a number of tools and scripts for in-house use. Rod has a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from Iowa State University.

Technical Animation Expert

Jay Lueck, Technical Animator

Jay has been working as an animator with EAI/Demonstratives since 1997. Jay holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Iowa State University with an emphasis in drawing, painting, and printmaking, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Computer Graphics from CAD Institute in Phoenix, AZ.

Courtroom Graphics Expert

Joel Lueck, Technical Animator

Since 2001, Joel has served as an animator/modeler for Demonstratives. Before starting with EAI (now Demonstratives) in1994, Joel worked as a layout artist/drafter/designer. Joel is a graduate of the University of Iowa with a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art/Art Education, and he holds a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Graphics from Teikyo-Marycrest University.

Technical Animations Expert

Tom Lueck, Technical Animator

Tom excels at translating 3D CAD data from clients for use in all types of animation tools and creating 3D CAD for devices from patent drawings. He is a technical animator with an emphasis in CAD modeling and mechanical animations. Tom holds a Bachelor of Science in Community and Regional Planning and a Bachelor of Science in Fisheries and Wildlife Biology from Iowa State University.

Evidence Presentation Animator

John Petersen, Technical Animator

John is involved with most of the biotech projects at Demonstratives, and in addition to being a modeler and animator, he specializes in 2D graphics for still graphics and web use. John holds a Bachelor of Arts in Biological/Pre-Medical Illustration from Iowa State University.

Courtroom Graphics Animator

Jim Stage, Technical Animator

Jim specializes in using 3D Studio Max to create detailed models and animations depicting a wide variety of subjects, ranging from microscopic processes to large construction projects. Jim graduated from Iowa State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Art and Design in 1999, at which point he continued his career in computer modeling/animating for EAI (now Demonstratives) that began in 1997.

Litigation Support Technology Expert


Brian Delk, Video Engineer

Brian is a Demonstratives Video Engineer with 15 years of editing experience. Brian specializes in non-linear editing on the Avid editing system. He prepares the final animations for delivery to clients and authors in finished DVDs, and he also does initial video editing. Brian holds a Bachelor of Arts in Telecommunicative Arts.


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Success in the courtroom relies upon the ability to simplify complex evidence and clarify legal arguments. Demonstratives applies sound, scientific principles to every litigation project for a growing variety of case areas, including aviation, biotechnology, construction, engineering, environmental law, ground vehicle, intellectual property (IP), medical devices, and product liability. Demonstratives is the preferred provider of 2D graphics and 3D litigation animation nationwide.

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