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Demonstratives' team of Ph.D. experts, artists, and animators is the litigation industry’s premier animation services provider.  Nearly all Demonstratives staff members have been creating litigation graphics for over 15 years. 

Our Specialties

The Demonstratives team has special expertise in aviation accident simulation, biotechnology, construction disputes, environmental visualizations, ground vehicle accident simulation, intellectual property (patent) litigation, medical devices and product liability.

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When faced with teaching a jury complex technical facts, or when a simulation will make your case, you need the experts at Demonstratives.  Demonstratives' scientific and engineering experts can help you present the facts clearly and effectively.

3D Animations

Demonstratives' team pioneered the use of 3D animations in courtroom simulations.  If you need a 3D simulation or a PowerPoint presentation you can trust Demonstratives' experts to work with your legal team to produce a highly effective courtroom presentation, tailored to your needs.

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Construction site

How 3D Laser Scanning is Changing the Construction Industry

3D laser scanning is a versatile technology that has the power to revolutionize the construction industry.

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We are proud of the presentations we have created with so many great clients. Examples of our work are available.

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Professional Litigation Animation

Success in the courtroom relies upon the ability to simplify complex evidence and clarify legal arguments. Demonstratives applies sound, scientific principles to every litigation project for a growing variety of case areas, including aviation, biotechnology, construction, engineering, environmental law, ground vehicle, intellectual property (IP), medical devices, and product liability. Demonstratives is the preferred provider of 2D graphics and 3D litigation animation nationwide.

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